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Why Your College Student May Need a Lawyer

If your child or grandchild is headed to campus this fall, they may first want to spend a few minutes with a lawyer. Yes, even if they have avoided run ins with the law! Why would a college student need a lawyer?

They are renting an apartment. Getting the keys to your first apartment is a very exciting time. However, many college students may not realize the obligations they are undertaking when they sign their first lease. Additionally, many college housing companies use extremely aggressive leases. Before signing any agreement, but especially a lease, your student should careful read and review the lease. They may want to seek the advice of an attorney regarding any questions about the lease.

After the school year ends and everyone heads home for the summer, your student should be sure to follow up on their security deposit. Many students fail to take the necessary steps to document the condition of the property before they move in and when they move out. As a result, students’ security deposits can be improperly withheld. If their landlord is refusing to return their deposit, it is time to call your attorney.

They have their first job. Work experience is great for a resume and spending cash but may also present new problems for a student. Occasionally, students will run across employers who engage in poor business practices and may need to seek the advice of an attorney.

They have a run in with the law. Unfortunately, we are more likely to make poor choices in our youth. If your student does find his or herself in trouble with the law, it is important to seek legal representation to help minimize future consequences.

They don’t have any estate planning documents in place. Yes, even a college student needs their estate planning documents! A power of attorney is crucial if your student is in an accident and is disabled. If your student appoints you as their power of attorney, then you will be able to pick up where they left off. This means that, while your student is recovering, you can pay their bills, access their health and school records, and make important decisions on their behalf.

If your student needs to get their affairs in order before heading back to campus, give us a call today (832) 761-5107.

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