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Medicaid Qualification and Planning

Medicaid. Medicaid is a state administered federal program that assists individuals that meet certain financial criteria with long-term care expenses. Each state administers their Medicaid program differently. However, since the program is federally funded the Medicaid rules look deceptively similar from state to state. It is important to talk with an attorney in your state to best understand the Medicaid rules. You may be very surprised to learn that your loved one is eligible for Medicaid.


We have helped hundreds of families through the Medicaid process. The Toups Law Firm is passionate about providing education and assistance to those who are struggling to find a long-term care solution for a loved one. 


Advanced Medicaid Planning. Are your assets protected if you or your spouse require nursing home care? Each year the percentage of Americans who will likely need long term care increases. This care can be financially devastating to a family's life savings. The Toups Law Firm assists families in asset protection planning to provide for surviving spouses and preserve families' legacies.

*The information contained on this site is provided as information only and in no way constitutes legal advice.

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