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Three Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Power of Attorney

We often think powers of attorney are only for our aging parents, but many younger individuals discount their own need for a power of attorney.

1. A power of attorney can handle your affairs if you become disabled. If you become disabled, your power of attorney will be able to handle your affairs on your behalf without court intervention. Without a power of attorney in place, your affairs could be in limbo until a family member can get to court. This process is expensive and burdensome, and often occurs when your family is already dealing with the tragedy of your disability. A power of attorney allows the person of your choosing to act swiftly to protect you and carry on your business.

2. A power of attorney can also handle day to day matters, even if you are not disabled. Have you ever called the phone or cable company to inquire about your bill or to make a minor change to your account only to discover that another family member is the only person authorized to transact business? Have you ever waited several days longer to complete something because you must wait for your spouse to return home from a work trip to sign a document? A power of attorney would allow you to name someone else—perhaps your spouse or parent—to handle matters like this on your behalf. More and more institutions are requiring proof of legal authority before they will even speak with someone.

3. A power of attorney allows you to select the person who is handling your affairs. By executing a power of attorney, you are controlling who will have the authority to act on your behalf, and when they will have the authority to do so. Failure to put a power of attorney in place risks leaving that decision up to someone else, and you may not like the result.

Do you need help putting a power of attorney in place? Call the Toups Law Firm, PLLC today at (832) 761-5107.

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