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Summer is the Best Season to Write Your Will

We have made it to middle of summer. It’s the sweetest time of year. It is a season of rest, fun with family, and that sweet summer sunshine. But, summer is also the best season for you to take time to visit with your local attorney and make your estate plan.

An estate plan is necessary. A will makes sure your prized possessions go to who you want it to go to. It also outlines who will take guardianship of your kids if you and your spouse aren’t able to. A trust makes sure that your estate is not tied up in the courts and can help make money last for those you leave it to. And, a power of attorney makes sure that if you can’t make decisions for yourself, whether you are incapacitated or out of town, then you’ve picked the person who will. There are three reasons why you need to have these documents drafted and put in place by your attorney during the summer.

1. You are going to travel.

Don’t travel irresponsibly. Now, there is no need to preach gloom and doom over flying and boating or parasailing in Mexico. But you are at more risk of a debilitating injury when you are traveling during the summer than when you are sitting at your desk during the fall. Put your will, trust, and power of attorney in place before you leave for vacation. By responsibly planning your estate, you can rest easier knowing that your family will always be secure.

2. You are going to grow.

Plan for your growth. Summer is wedding season. You are either a June bride or are in six June weddings. If you are getting married, you and your new spouse need to visit with your attorney before the honeymoon (see point one). It is important to meet with your attorney and discuss what this huge life-change means for your finances and your now-doubled estate. You can even make an appointment to put things in place before the wedding day, so you can fly straight to Aruba after the reception! If you are a guest, weddings remind us to love and appreciate our spouses and our family. Love your growing family well by taking care of them far in advance with an estate plan.

3. You are going to have time.

Use your time productively. If you are a teacher, then you deserve every free second of your fleeting-summer. But, you still should take one afternoon to visit with your attorney. You shouldn’t have to deal with a life event that you are unprepared for in the middle of the hectic school year. Instead, prepare now. If you are a working parent, take a few hours off work while your kids are at summer camp and make an appointment with your attorney. August brings dance classes, football practice, homework, and last-minute projects. Summer’s pace is just a little bit slower, so take advantage and take care of your kids’ future by planning your estate.

Summertime requires a lot more preparation than you may realize. You are saving for vacation, booking flights, making sure your passport is current, finalizing travel arrangements, and organizing your family’s schedules. Add preparing your estate plan to your summer plans.

Need someone to work with you and your hectic summer schedule? Call the Toups Law Firm at (832) 761-5107. We will meet with you when and where is most convenient. We do all the hard work, so you can enjoy your summer with the peace of mind that your estate plan is done.

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