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Navigating the Long Term Care Maze

Mom started having some troubles last year. At first, you and your sister were able to go visit her a few days a week and make things work. Then it became clear Mom needed more help. For the past six months you have been navigating the long-term care maze.

When it comes to long-term care, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different options available out there. How do you even begin to decide what is right for Mom? The key is making a long-term, flexible plan that considers all factors, including Mom’s care needs, her finances, and your family dynamics. Creating a long-term care plan requires the assistance of several professionals. An elder law attorney can help you put a team and a plan in place to tackle this challenge.

We can help be your guide to the legal options that are available to Mom and protect her and your family. It is important that Mom not only has her estate planning documents in place but also her disability documents in place. If Mom were to become incapacitated and did not have the proper documents in place, you could face an expensive and lengthy court process. Similarly, without proper estate planning you could spend many months, if not years, and quite a bit of money handling Mom’s estate.

We can help develop a long-term strategy for Mom’s care that considers the public benefits potentially available to Mom. Planning for long-term care does not simply involve choosing the right placement option for Mom, but it also involves a serious consideration of Mom’s finances. Our biggest fear is always that Mom will outlive her money. We can help evaluate options and work with other people on your team to develop a long-term placement plan that utilizes all the benefits that are available to Mom.

We can help protect Mom and her resources. Asset protection can be a critical part of any long-term care strategy. As we age several potential threats to our assets arise, such as senior scams, a potential accident, taxes, and nursing homes. Without proper planning, we could be putting at risk Mom’s resources that she needs for her care.

Let us help you navigate the long-term care maze! Call the Toups Law Firm at (832) 761-5107.

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