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Let us help you plan for the future!


The Toups Law Firm is a client-centered, local law firm, that limits its practice to the areas of estate planning, asset protection, elder law, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, probate, and guardianship. We operate a little differently than most law firms. We travel to the location where our clients are most comfortable. Sometimes this means meeting our clients in their home, in their office, or at their Assisted Living facility.  We value being accessible to our clients – whether that means traveling to meet them or our attorney promptly responding to calls and emails.

"It was a big relief to have my Last Will and Testament finally updated. Ruth-Ann answered all my questions in the privacy and comfort of my own home.

- Ruth, Estate Planning Client

"I appreciate so much the fact that I was heard. As I have aged I have frequently felt unvalidated at times and Ruth-Ann spoke to me and heard me. Very exciting experience!" 

- Anne, Toups Law Firm Client

"What stands out for me the most from this experience is Ruth-Ann's friendliness and professionalism, yet laid back manner. She made it easy and put my mind to rest." 

- Toups Law Firm Client

"What I expected was technical legal verbiage. What I got was a professional service with information about options and a full explanation of each one.

- Toups Law Firm Client

"Ruth Ann was very professional and very responsive to our deadline. What stands out to me the most from this experience is the process was simple, including home visit, quick turn around, and professional delivery including witnesses." 

- Jerry, Estate Planning Client

"I got exactly what I asked for. The process was much simpler than I expected." 

- Todd, Toups Law Firm Client

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